Open heel, open nose

VogueShoes with open nose with open heel incredibly pop this source. The models themselves may be a variety of shoes, from the classics to a style clogs, shortened from ankle boots to long jackboot delicate lace. A main item - it's flirty demonstrate a piece of the foot.  Alike posts:Vogue Summer women's pantsVogue Summer fashion: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-1: Summer on the strapsFashion Fashion Ornamentals: Women's hats: hats, caps, berets, bowlers. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mode Fabric

VogueMany stylists possess chosen for their collections of evening clothes luxury shiny fabrics. They are humble and stringent tailoring, but a fabric - a guarantee that you will be in the spotlight.Genuine leather is still at the peak of relevance. Skin evening dress - it's really stylish, chic and fashionable.Practically all of the source in our latitudes is cold enough, however a great idea to have a gorgeous evening gown, complete with fur inserts or fur cape.By summer you can buy a few evening clothes sewn chiffon, silk, cotton. You may be decorated with a floral print - such models are certainly enjoy lovers of the romantic fashion.  Alike articles:Style Summer Style: What to pick glassesVogue Fall Mode 2013: Top Shoe TrendsStyle Sew a summer suit for a slim and full figures. . . Читать полностью -->

Coat of black and grayStyleThe most trendy colors of the season were black and gray. They are universal and fit for anything. These coats be much elegant. You can be worn any time. This style is devoid of any frills, but a coat looks very elegant. Delete a black bloom of his collections failed the mode designer, however a stylishness and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->

Fashion Nails Summer 2009: a anatomy and length of a nails

FashionOf nice importance is as well the contour of the nails. This period's most fashionable nails are considered the classic oval and almond-shaped. This form emphasizes femininity and tenderness. However, not all gerls may boast of fine configuration of organic nails. But do not despair, because the nails can and make. Current methods of nail design can hide flaws and highlight the advantages. Читать полностью -->


ModeLace to wear every day - perhaps it is not so easy, especially if you lead an active lifestyle, visit the gym or pool, lots of moving. So an everyday lingerie stylists offer regular sports underwear model - that that collections were Oysho.Interestingly, even sports clothes this source, often decorated with delicate lace and transparent inserts - femininity rules!  Similar posts:Vogue A right choice necklaces for different types of cutsStyle Vogue trends of spring: Styles of Gerls's CoatsVogue Figgery vacation outfits. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Coat of black and grayStyleThe most trendy colors of a period were sable and gray. They are universal and fit for anything. That coats be extremely stylish. You may be worn every day. This style is devoid of the frills, but a coat views much chic. Delete the sable color of his collections failed a vogue designer, so the elegance and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->

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