Fluffy capes: fashion coat winter period 2011-2012

StyleFluffy fur capes instead - one of a brightest trends for winter 2012-2012. Pop dark, whiteness, purple. These capes are not done for warmth, but rather for beauty. You are a embodiment of the glamorous luxury. With them, It is possible to wear an elegant super mini or hard-fitting leggings. And a image of a star is ready for the party.Great soft cape-like coat, is also decorated with fur. Читать полностью -->

Big beam and style of "ancient goddess"

ModeIf you like tall hairstyle and select up thin hair, you must pay attention to a combination of a popular stacking "the ancient goddess" and no less fashionable big beam in a careless fashion. To do this you must a particular accessory for the hair, consisting of four chains, united decorative insert a la antique Accessories.The hair collected in a bun just above a nape of the neck. Depending on the taste may be perfectly shine styling and a neat bundle, and may withstand the vogue tendency of recent years - a natural disorder. Bangs in such a hairstyle is not provided, as if it is, it requires to raise up and secure. With such a placement is not forbidden to correct a individual strands, but for this they should be slightly curled.Instead, the beam can create a big ponytail, but the thin hair for it to be pre-screwed to make natural curls. If you similar a classic polish tails (like on a show Louis Vuitton), so that's another story.  Resembling articles:Mode Gallery hats and accessoriesStyle Wedding: photo of nice clothesStyle Summer clothing that covers a complete. Читать полностью -->

«Pastel flower" denim for Fall 2010

VogueDenim white, beige, sand and other bright colors can be worn not alone in a summer. Stylists propose us to play on contrasts: whiteness cropped jeans, bananas and chic black shoes heels, white mini shorts with cuffs and sable boots to mid-thigh.Light brownness jeans with pockets and buttons - perfect version for creating «casual» fashion complete with a white top and a cozy cardigan.  Alike posts:Mode Summer fashion: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-1: Summer on a strapsStyle Autumn style women's coat: Graduation in length: Super miniMode Source Mode: Accessories. . . . . Читать полностью -->


FashionDelicate lace to wear each day - perhaps it is not as easy, specifically if you lead an efficacious lifestyle, visit a gym or pool, lots of moving. However an everyday lingerie designers propose regular sports underwear model - that these collections were Oysho.Interestingly, actually sports clothes this source, ofttimes decorated with delicate lace and transparent inserts - femininity rules!  Alike articles:Mode Style Accessories: Gallery of female fur hatsStyle Summer vogue: the basic accents the hottest trendsMode Summer Fashion: Clothes for graduates. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Style swimwear summer 2012

StyleMuch soon, the long-awaited hot summer of 2012, which must start to prepare for currently. Perhaps a main summer wear can be called a swimsuit. If you need to look fashionable and elegant beach, be sure to purchase a new swimsuit - and complete than some!  Alike articles:Mode The girl in a aquarium: bright summer vogue trends 2008Mode Autumn Style: Mode women's jacketsStyle Summer tops, blouses and skirts holiday time. . . . Читать полностью -->

Length Hair

StyleA chief trend of the period - a short slit.But it is worth noting that the boys' haircuts are not all gerls! To anything to spoil his image, yielding to mode. In the designer collections were present and great thin hair, and medium and to a shoulders. As again, back to where we started: a naturalness and naturalness of this autumn - at a height of relevance.The great hair of one of a most pop hairstyles is yet a ponytail. To give a hair volume occasionally tease, and then removed in a ponytail.   Similar articles:Mode Summer mode: Holidays: Ideas compatibility summer female and male wardrobeFashion Following a holidays - in the jobMode Gallery autumn style shoes. . . Читать полностью -->

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