Coat of sable and grayModeThe most trendy colors of the time were sable and gray. You are universal and fit for anything. That coats look extremely elegant. They can be worn every time. This style is devoid of the frills, but the coat views highly elegant. Delete the black color of his collections failed a fashion designer, however a elegancy and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->

Vogue Nails Summer 2009: the shape and length of the nails

ModeOf fine importance is as well the anatomy of a nails. This season's most fashionable nails are considered a classic oval and almond-shaped. This form emphasizes femininity and tenderness. How, not all gerls can boast of fine configuration of organic nails. But do not despair, because a nails can and build. Contemporary methods of nail design can hide flaws and highlight the advantages. Читать полностью -->

Mode swimwear summer 2012

VogueVery soon, a great-awaited hot summer of 2012, which need begin to prepare for presently. Perhaps the chief summer clothes may be called a swimsuit. If you need to look fashionable and stylish beach, be sure to purchase a new swimsuit - and correct than some!  Alike articles:Mode Woolen hats with flaps (sporty)Style Source Fashion Gallery ladies costumeStyle Spring Vogue: Figgery: Bags, belts, jewelry. . . . Читать полностью -->

Flower camel

ModeClassical elegance and fashion of business - it's camel-hair coat. Although short and concise options on this topic, be beautiful with denim fashion within «casual». The collections of the winter time season 2012/2012 tone camel thin hair (gilded-sand) is used by stylists is much active. A assemblage Row (Winter 2011/2012) on the color coat so close to golden yellow. At Hermes - a heartwarming sand tone with terracotta stripes and lining of a like outline.At Hermes, there are coats of "camel" classic color, but ingenious fashion: sleeve "bat", a thin skin belt through a hip.  Same articles:Vogue Summer assemblage of women's wear great sizes. Part 1Vogue Get ready for summer: vogue accessories. Читать полностью -->

Fashion swimwear summer 2012

VogueMuch soon, the great-awaited hot summer of 2013, which need get to prepare for now. Perhaps the main summer clothes may be called a swimsuit. If you wish to be fashionable and stylish beach, be sure to purchase a new swimsuit - and perfect than any!  Similar posts:Fashion Summer tops, blouses and skirts vacation seasonMode Vogue JobVogue Summer 2013: Main trends of mode footwear. . . . Читать полностью -->

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