Sexy lion's mane

VogueGreat hair frizz and curls big tease. In part they are lifted up, partially dissolving. It is possible to do an asymmetrical haircut (the hair pin up on one side) - this is perhaps the most urgent will look this fall.Pop this season form of thin hair coloring - this choice of lightness strands gilded tone on the common ash light brown background. But a rich, rich colors (chocolate, raven, copper, golden blonde) still favorites of the season.Trendy hairstyles Fall 2011 by well-known brands  Resembling posts:Mode When temperatures: fall vogue stylesMode Models of evening clothes for larger gerlsStyle Long chains and beads. . . Читать полностью -->

Coat of dark and grayFashionA most trendy colors of a time were sable and gray. You are universal and fit for anything. That coats look much stylish. You can be worn any day. This style is devoid of a frills, but a coat looks extremely chic. Delete the sable bloom of his collections failed any fashion designer, however the stylishness and simplicity are yet in vogue. Читать полностью -->


ModeLace to wear any time - perhaps it is not as easy, especially if you lead an effectual lifestyle, visit a gym or pool, lots of moving. However an everyday lingerie stylists offer sports underwear model - that that collections were Oysho.Interestingly, even sports clothes this source, ofttimes decorated with lace and transparent inserts - femininity rules!  Like articles:Fashion Bright watch a time summer 2012Vogue Fashion summer sundressesStyle Autumn Fashion: The chief colors of a season. . . . . Читать полностью -->

StyleBloomers this year immensely popular. They came into vogue in the finish period and are still at the peak of popularity. Salwar kameez can be stitched out of various material. For example, silk or coarse cotton safari-fashion.  Same posts:Style Summer ClothesFashion Summer fashion: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-3: Ideas simple fashionMode Spring Style Gallery girls costume. . . Читать полностью -->


ModeEven more profound retro than bananas. Greetings with a 60s - a super-narrow pipes - perfectly outline a legs line, drawing striving more effectively than a super mini. A partners of this model - tunic or long shirt plus boots, loafers or shoes with flat soles.  Similar articles:Mode Summer gerls's pantsVogue Fashionable coat for the offseasonFashion Style Autumn. Fashionable jackets and coats. . . Читать полностью -->

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